Helias Cheerleaders team up with Student Council to set up and take down decorations for Homecoming        By Brooke Winge

As most Helias students know, homecoming was this past week. There had been lots of festivities throughout the week: powderpuff volleyball and football, dress-up days, pep rallies, assemblies and so on. At those assemblies and pep rallies, if a student were to look around, they would have noticed all the banners, signs, decorations and balloons hung everywhere in the field house and throughout the hallways. But students probably didn’t think about who had spent so much of their free time decorating and hanging up signs, and then taking them down.
This past Thursday, September 24th, the Helias Cheerleaders teamed up with the Helias Student Council to help make the homecoming weekend festivities more decorative. The students spent several hours Thursday evening hanging banners and signs that the cheerleaders painted for special teams and clubs such as football, soccer, volleyball, art club, journalism club, library squad, math team, etc.

“I honestly love it,” commented senior cheerleading captain, Annie Jarrett. “It’s always a hectic time and it seems like it takes forever but with everyone working together it really doesn’t take too long and it’s a fun time and the gym looks awesome when it’s all over.”

Most of the cheerleaders and student council members strived to make the assembly decorations the best as possible.

“The decorations and atmosphere is the best part of homecoming week,” stated senior, Kendalyn Hall. “I always look forward to seeing what the cheerleaders and student council have done to set the mood of homecoming throughout the hallways and in the gyms.”

But all of those detailed and bright homecoming decorations have to come down at the end of homecoming week. Monday late afternoon, Helias cheerleaders and student council members regathered to take down all the decorations.

“Taking the decorations down is a lot easier than putting them all up,” commented senior cheerleading captain, Reagan Rieber. “When we are putting them up it takes so many people to help and we are usually there for quite a while. When we go to take them down, all we have to do is rip them down.”


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