Thunder slips by Crusaders  by Christian Dusenberg

There are several activities that are planned for homecoming week at Helias Catholic, but the homecoming football game is one of the most attended, with hundreds of fans in attendance. The Helias Crusaders were seeking to take down St. James Academy at Adkins Stadium, Saturday night, but the Thunder slipped by the Crusaders.         




 The Helias Crusaders have two star football players injured: Weston Porter and Sheldon Schulte.

Early off in this contest, the Thunder roared to action as their quarterback ran a couple of short 6 yard touchdowns into the endzone. As the first quarter went on, the Crusader defense would deny them any points and allowed time for the offense to put 7 on the board.

Starting off the second quarter, the Helias Crusaders and the St. James Academy Thunder drove down the field and made a few plays here and there and fumbled 2 times each. Alex Faddoul, Helias Crusader Quarterback, made an incredible 38 yard bomb that put the Crusaders on the board. At the end of the second quarter, Faddoul made a great pass to senior receiver, Adam Bax to tie the game going into the locker rooms at half.

Coming out of the locker rooms, the Crusaders and Thunder were both evenly matched teams both offensively and defensively. Just 8 minutes into the 3rd quarter, Helias fumbled the ball and the Thunder took advantage by scooping the ball up and running 86 yards to score and put the Thunder ahead. After stopping the Thunder and keeping them at 21, senior Nolan Sachse broke through 3 defenders to power in a touchdown to tie the game at 21. “And at the end of the 3rd quarter the score is tied at 21,” said the Adkin’s Stadium announcer.  

As the Crusaders put up “4” fingers to show that the fourth quarter is their quarter, they began to fight for a win. Just a little more than 3 minutes into the 4th quarter, Alex Faddoul was attempting to make a play and got hurt, eventually being taken out of the game due to the injury. Faddoul, the star quarterback at Helias made a lot of key plays in the game. Right as the clock hit 2 minutes remaining, the Thunder got a key interception that gave them momentum to put them in good field position. When it was all done, the Thunder of St. James Academy won the battle 24-28.  

Helias and St. James both put up a fight on the football field, but the play that really changed the game was the long fumble recovered by the Thunder and marched down the field for a touchdown.  


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