Fresh Ideas has students racing to lunch By Josh Owens

Helias Catholic High School has a food catering service called Fresh Ideas. Their food causes hungry students to race down the stairs when the bell rings for lunch, so they can get a popular food item before it runs out.

fresh ideas1

It is a known fact that their most popular item is the spicy chicken sandwich. There is even a Twitter page (@HCHS_SPC) with 65 followers dedicated to this famed menu item, which consists of photos of students enjoying this delicacy in the school cafeteria, and other tweets.

“It’s my favorite thing they serve at lunch,” said senior John Kerr. “I run faster than I normally would down to the cafeteria when I know they’re serving it.”

Fresh Ideas’ menu consists of Italian food, Chinese, Mexican, as well as classic American foods.

Their experienced and friendly food service employees make the whole lunch experience at Helias Catholic that much more pleasant.

“I don’t even know them and still they are so friendly to me,” said junior Kaden Quinn. “They are very generous with their portion sizes too.”

Fresh Ideas also prepares an extensive salad bar, which has many veggies, dressings, and toppings for students’ salads. Fresh Ideas’ salad bar is also an extremely popular item, especially among teachers.

“It’s the best deal at Fresh Ideas,” said Ms. Connie Rodeman. “You can get a plate piled high for only $3.25. They offer a wide variety of fruits, veggies, meats and dressings.”


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