Class of 2019 builds their first homecoming floatBy Julia Morris

Every year, the frosh, sophomores, juniors, and seniors build a float representing their class. Each float follows the homecoming theme for the class.
The different grades then compete against each other for best float, and the winning class wins class points. At the end of the year, the class with the most points earns “Class of the Year”.

This year, the seniors are representing the 1950s, the juniors are representing 1970s, the sophomores are representing the 1980s, and the freshmen are representing the 1920s.

The senior class has won the float competition before, including their freshmen year. The freshmen this year might be on an even playing field with the other classes despite their lack of experience for this reason.

Mr. Ryan Johnson and Ms. Jerica Hunt are the teachers that help out the class of 2019. Ms. Hunt is an art teacher, so that may be a help to the frosh, but parent and teacher help is limited.

“The class of 2016, my class, has won a couple times already,” Jennifer Lawler said. “I think we have a good chance. But everyone always comes up with a good idea, so it’ll be exciting to see who wins this year.”


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