Helias Students will follow the beat of the drumline to the homecoming pep rally on Friday By Mckenzy Schumer

​One Friday the drumline and cheerleaders will be marching through the Helias hallways readying the student body of Helias for the 2015 homecoming pep rally. The students will leave the classrooms following the sound of the drums to the Rackers field house.
​The students will enter the field house that is completely covered in all the sports and clubs posters. The alumni of Helias along with parents of the students attend the pep rally. The cheerleaders and dance team members will be cheering in front of all four classes.

During the homecoming pep rally the Helias cheerleaders and dance team will perform for the students.

“I loved watching the routines last year,” said Elizabeth Case, sophomore “The cheer and dance team were both really amazing.”

​Next the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior class will compete in a series of challenges involving the homecoming theme to see which class will win the homecoming assembly.

“I love watching the classes compete against each other every year at the assembly!” said Emily Reeves, junior. “Usually, the seniors win but it’s still so much fun to see.”

​After the homecoming challenges have been completed the winning class of the pep rally will be announced and everyone will then be dismissed from school.

“Honestly, the pep rally always gets everyone so excited for the homecoming game and it’s so much fun to participate in,” said Maddie Scott, junior.


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