Homecoming…one last time…for the senior class By Julia Morris

Helias Catholic homecoming events were kicked off last week with t-shirt sales, and this week, homecoming is in full swing.

While the freshman are just getting acquainted with homecoming and all it entails, many seniors are saddened that this will be their last.

“It’s weird.” Grace Dittmer said. “Homecoming week was always fun and everything. But now every time they talk about an event, it’s like, this is our last one.”

The homecoming queen assembly was on Friday September 18th, eight days before the homecoming game. The seniors voted on who the ‘Top 10’ would be on September 8th.

“I was never interested in being a part of the ‘Top 10’, but this year the nominees were more important to me.” Dittmer said. “I wanted a group of senior girls that would represent the class of 2016 and Helias well.”

The Top 10 selected are Blake Berhorst, Maddie Casten, Ashley Dudenhoeffer, Maddie Dunkmann, Clarissa Fennessey, Luci Francka, Maggie Kehoe, Kylie Mulholland, Emily Pestka, and Grace Verslues.

On the 25th, the day before the game, the homecoming pep rally is at noon, and students are released at 1 p.m. That night at 6:30 p.m., the parade in downtown Jefferson City will begin.

“I’m excited for the pep rally.” Kaylie LeCuru said. “It’s all like a, ‘this is our last one’ kind of a feeling. And this is our first homecoming game during my high school career with Coach Rulo instead of Coach Pitts. I’m looking forward to it.”

Coach Phil Pitts left Helias during the end of the 2014-2015 school year to pursue a coaching position at University of Missouri. Helias then hired Coach Tim Rulo, who previously coached at South Callaway and was very successful there.

Helias plays St. James Academy as the homecoming game on September 26th.

“We’re 1-4 right now. Which is very disappointing, considering we went to state my first two years in high school,” Dittmer said. “But maybe the pep rally and all of the homecoming events will bring the morale of the team back up.”

On September 27th, the homecoming dance is being held in the old gym from 8-11 p.m.

“The dances are usually pretty fun. The seniors always seemed to have more fun than anyone else,” LeCuru said. “This year, we get to be those seniors.”


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