Helias’ Club International takes bites Out of History By Michael Duncan

Helias’ Club International is an alcohol-free club at Helias Catholic High School, where the student members eat and learn about the heritage of an ethnic restaurant that they visit.

The club’s director is Mrs. Connie Rodeman, She has been a sponsor for this club for over 25 years.

When the club was founded, it was called “The Spanish Club,” until Rodemen changed it to “Club International.”

The club meets once a month at a non-American restaurant to eat and visit.

Club International has visited several restaurants in the many years that they have been a club at Helias Catholic; some of these restaurants include El Jimador, Dragon Kitchen, and Fuji Japanese Steakhouse.

“My favorite restaurant that we visited last year would definitely be Fuji,” said Alex Kabbler, “the experience of having our food prepared right in front of your very eyes was both interesting and enjoyable.”

At the end of the school year, Club International members take a trip down to Silver Dollar City for a laidback day of fun. One of many activities included is watching trained Irish dancers.

On one occasion, members of the club recycled all of the paper at Helias Catholic High School.

“I was nervous when I first joined,” said Ms. Kabbler, “but I was excited that I had the chance to try all of this food that people from all around the world eat!”


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