Annual Helias Catholic Homecoming parade will commence this Friday Night By Kaylie LeCuru

Every year, Helias Catholic High School puts on a parade in downtown Jefferson City on High Street. The Parade includes floats students created and built by hand, floats with Helias Catholic alumni, floats with sports teams, floats with the homecoming court, and many more.

Every grade of student, comes together at a float-building site and designs and builds a class float. Then, each grade competes to see who can be awarded the best homecoming float. The class who wins the award for best float gets points that go toward class of the year.

Some of the floats that are included in the Helias Catholic Parade are the floats that are ridden by the Helias Catholic alumni. The graduated classes come together for their class reunion and part of the reunion is that the alumni members are part of the parade.

“Being a part of the Helias Catholic parade is a great honor for students,” said Grace Dittmer, current Helias Catholic student. “Riding in the parade makes you feel like you are part of something bigger than just your team or grade. You are part of a community.”

The Parade will be held on Friday, September 25th at 6:30 p.m. After the parade there will be a pep rally that includes smashing a car at Helias Catholic High School. In previous years, Helias has hosted a bonfire. The theme for homecoming week is decades. Each grade is assigned to a decade and that is what each grade will build their float idea around.


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