Homecoming Themes and Floats through the Years at Helias Catholic High SchoolBy Michael Duncan

In the past years at Helias Catholic High School there have been many different homecoming themes for the floats that will be “floating” in the homecoming parade. 
There is a lot of work and preparation to be done before the floats are ready for the parade. The student council members are the people that organize and help build the floats for the homecoming parade. 

“Float-building was a great experience,” said senior Maddie Gramlich. “And a good time to bond with fellow classmates.”

Back in 2012 the theme for homecoming week was superheroes; many of the current seniors greatly enjoyed their freshmen year theme.

“The theme for my freshmen year was great,” Gramlich said, “It was superheroes, and one of the floats had superman flying through a field goal!”

Last year the homecoming theme was “International.” The freshmen’s float’s theme was Australia, and on it was a huge kangaroo. The juniors theme was China, which consisted of a big box with chop-sticks in it. As for the seniors, their theme was France, and on their float was a massive replica of the Eiffel Tower.

As for this year, the themes are “decades.” The seniors are the 1950’s, juniors the 1970’s, sophomores the 1980’s, and the freshmen the roaring 1920’s.

“I’m wondering if someone will dress up as Michael Jackson,” said sophomore Sidney Schroeder, “that would be awesome.”

Homecoming week at Helias Catholic begins this Sunday, September 20th, and the parade is Friday, September 25th.


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