Danielle Schrimpf is welcomed as Helias Catholic’s first female wrestlerBy Kaylie LeCuru

Throughout Helias Catholic’s history, there has never been a female wrestler on the team. But Danielle Schrimpf, Helias Catholic senior, decided to change the mold and come out for the team this year.Tyler Schrimpf has been said that Daniel has been a true athlete throughout her life. She has participated in gymnastics, track, tennis, and now has joined the wrestling team. She has been a coach at Jefferson City Gymnastics for over three years.

“It is a challenge trying to get kids to listen to you every day and trying to get them to understand the routines,” Schrimpf said, adding, “so starting wrestling really gave me a different point of view because now I am in the kids’ shoes trying to listen to a coach tell me how to move my body and do the right techniques.”

Schrimpf’s motivation to begin wrestling was from her mother.

“I talked to my mom about becoming a wrestler and from the time I told her she never doubted that I could do it,” Schrimpf said. “She knew I had the talent and strength to achieve my goals.”

Before she decided to become a wrestler, Schrimpf was a wrestling manager. She would keep stats and match scores during tournaments.

“She was one of our best managers. She has been part of the team since day one even if it only meant she was a manager,” Matthew Backes said, “but now she can be part of the wrestling family.”

“People think it is strange to see a girl wrestling. I know there is always the talk about how weird it is and everything until they see that I am just like any other wrestler,” said Schrimpf.

“It will be tough trying to keep up with the other wrestlers since this is my first year, but I have been through tougher things,” Schrimpf said. “This will just make me stronger.”


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