Mrs. Peggy Rogers serves Helias Catholic from the Business Office By Michael Duncan

Mrs. Peggy Rogers is a secretary in the business office at Helias Catholic High School in Jefferson City, Missouri. This is her thirteenth year working at Helias. Before working at Helias Catholic, she spent four years working as a secretary at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Jefferson City, Missouri.
“My transition from Saint Joseph’s grade school to Helias Catholic High School was fairly easy, because I had to learn a lot of patience when working with the younger grade school kids,” added Rogers, “so when I got to Helias, the high school age kids seemed easier!”

Along with helping students at the office window, Rogers answers the door and the phone. She also helps parents and students through e-mails, and provides them with information when they need it.

“I am very excited for this year,” said Rogers. “We have a new principal, as well as new teachers, new coaches, and new freshmen students.”

When someone rings the doorbell at Helias Catholic, Mrs. Rogers checks the security camera to allow the right individuals into the school. Sometimes, she asks whoever is at the door if they would like to sing a song! She also sends the school calendar to the Jefferson City News Tribune for publication, collects students’ transcripts, and helps put together the “Student of the Month” board, which hangs on the wall at the entrance of the school.

Mrs. Rogers starts her day at Helias Catholic at 7:15 A.M. each school day. She assists the students from her desk in the office until 4:00 P.M.

“When my work day ends,” commented Rogers, “I always think to myself, did I forget to tell someone this? Did I finish that? But I enjoy the last minutes of my day at Helias because I find peace in the silence as I finish for the day and prepare for the next.”

 (Mrs. Peggy Rogers assists students at the Helias Catholic business office.)


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