Employed students have trouble keeping up with academics    By Kaylie Lecuru

Some high school students at Helias Catholic High School are having troubles trying to balance their academics, their social life, and their work life. Grace Dittmer, a Helias Catholic student, claims that working has caused her grades to drop over her high school years.
“I started working 12 hours a week,” said Dittmer, “and then gradually started working more and more.”

Dittmer also tries to balance sports into her daily life.

“Going from softball to work is a very hard thing to do,” said Dittmer. “Even if you are an amazing organizer, working and school and sports are a lot to handle at 17.”

Former Helias Catholic student Jenna McGeorge worked every night after school all through her high school career. At one point McGeorge was working two jobs while still in school.

“It was a lot to handle. Working caused me so much stress when I was in high school,” McGeorge said, “because when I got out of school I went straight to work and then wouldn’t come home until about 8:30 or 9.” During this time, McGeorge claims she slowly watched her grades drop.

Parents have claimed that the school standards of today are much higher than before. McGeorge’s mother, Rhonda LeCuru, said that her high school career was much less stressful because she did not have a job during high school.

“My high school days were so long ago that it is like a whole new world. Today kids have to worry about sports, college, grades, work, and their social life,” said LeCuru.

 (Grace Dittmer catches for the Helias Catholic softball team and works at Woodland Animal Hospital.)

“Things have become so much more challenging than when I was in high school because kids are expected to do so much more than what I was expected to do when I was in high school.”

Current college student, Dalton Fifer, said that going to college gave him a wakeup call about how expensive things are in today’s society.

“While I was in high school, I had a job because I paid for almost everything,” Fifer said. “My parents made me take on responsibility and get a job to really feel just how busy and crazy the world really is. I had so much stuff on my plate during high school and it made high school so much more stressful. I could have done so much better academically if I didn’t have to worry about not having enough time for homework because I had to work that night or if I would make it to school on time because I got off work late and may now be late for school. It was such a challenge that made high school so much harder.”


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