Sadie Hawkins pageant fit for a King By Alli Wieberg

On Wednesday evening, the Helias Catholic fieldhouse was transformed into a pageant stage. Here the top ten (plus one) showcased their talents to try to convince the students that they should be Sadie Hawkins King. Seniors Brody Buschjost, Klint Braun, Hale Hentges, Blake Wilbers, Thomas Asmar, Connor Hirsch, Lane Rose, Ben Bruemmer, Collin Caywood, Dane Clutter, and Dane Haugen participated in the prestigious event.

First they were introduced to the audience. While some arrived on tractors, others were escorted by body guards to their seats. Others contestants were dressed as elderly people or celebrity couples. During this time the audience got to know a little about each participant. Then came the serenades. Groups of senior girls sang to the participants, and they even added in some of their own unique lyrics.

The question and answer session followed the serenades. Here the contestants were asked extremely important questions about the world. When asked whether silly putty or Playdough was better, Asmar responded, “Considering silly putty was invented while they were looking for a new way to make rubber, I will have to go with silly putty.”

Other contestants had more trouble answering their questions. Buschjost was lost for words after he was asked on his ideas to lower the debt ceiling.

Finally came the long awaited talent portion of the evening. The talents showcased included tutorials, dancing, singing, rapping, and skits. After the talent portion, all of the students in attendance got to vote for the top five. This concluded the evening of the Sadie Hawkins king pageant.


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