Catholic Schools Week at Helias Catholic By Addison Lucas

Jan. 26 to Jan. 30 at Helias Catholic High School featured “Faith, Knowledge, Service, and Celebration,” and was accented with many activities that deviated from the norm. Why was this week different? The answer is three words: Catholic Schools Week.

The week started off Monday, Jan. 26, with a lack of activity, coming in the form of a day off of school. On Tuesday, the students came back well-dressed. On this day, students and teachers alike attended a special mass to kick off the week. The students were allowed to wear dressier clothing in lieu of the usual Helias uniforms.

Wednesday came next, with every student being featured in a drum circle lead by a guest speaker. In this activity, students from each class were all united as a whole. Every class met in the gym to sit in a circle of chairs, each student with a different percussion instrument. The guest speaker led the class in creating different beats that had every student and teacher in the room dancing. Students were also encouraged, on this day, to say 100 Memorare prayers as part of the “Memorare Army”.

The students all got a treat on Thursday, with a day of no homework and silent reading. Teachers were encouraged to refrain from giving out any homework and to dedicate a portion of each class for students to sustain silent reading. Also on Thursday, students were challenged to answer as many questions correctly as they could, on a questionnaire concerning both Catholicism and the faculty and staff at Helias.

Friday observed 20-minute classes. The last class ended at 10:30 a.m., so students retreated to the field house and gym to view a screening of the movie “God’s Not Dead”. Popcorn and soda were provided free of charge. As soon as the credits rolled, school ended for the week with a 1:00 dismissal.

“Some of the teachers really wanted to make this week special, since it was kind of discarded last year,” said Christopher Hentges in one of his Junior religion classes. “This Catholic Schools Week has had more work put into it than I’ve seen in all my years here.”


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