America’s Roads Going Green By Alex Peppard

The question has arisen: should American automakers should create more environmentally friendly green cars that do not give off emissions? American automakers such as Ford have created an engine that is more fuel efficient, and have also changed the materials of the cars. If automakers turn to “green cars,” pollution and smog levels will decrease.

Ford has created the EcoBoost engine, a combination of fuel injection system as well as a supercharger for more power. When the car is at a complete stop and the brake is engaged, the engine shuts off to save fuel, and it turns back on when the driver releases the brake.

Ford and Mercedes Benz have changed the material of their cars by making the switch from steel to high grade aluminum. The aluminum is a lighter option than steel. Ford switched to aluminum in one of their trucks, losing nearly 700 pounds. Mercedes B-Class is now made up of 60 percent aluminum, which led to the car consuming 20 percent less fuel.

Tesla motors created an all-electric car to compete with most luxury and sports cars. The Tesla Model S 85D, is an all-electric car with a sports car look and a range of 295 miles, the most range of all electric cars.

Cars don’t have to be electric to be green. Fuel efficient cars such as the 2015 BMW 328d is a gas only sedan that has 32 miles per gallon city and 45 miles per gallon highway.

The future of the automotive industry is traveling toward more fuel-efficient and all-electric cars that are friendlier to the environment and reduce emissions and pollution into the environment.


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