An Inside look at Mrs. Christina Bockwinkel-Baker By Addison Lucas

Everyone at Helias knows Mrs. Christina Bockwinkel-Baker. Commonly known as Mrs. CBB, Bockwinkel-Baker has been teaching for several years, first as a youth minister and then as a religion teacher right here at Helias Catholic. Mrs. CBB is very invested in her faith and is never afraid to share that with her students. In fact, helping people grow in their faith is her primary effort inside and outside the classroom.

Her strong Catholic faith was developed early in her life, with both parents showing her the values of the faith from an early age.

“We had dinner together every night regardless of schedules.  We all went to church together every Sunday.  We had a family vacation every year together as a family,” said Bockwinkel-Baker, regarding her life as a child. “The love was tangible both in gestures and in words.”

In her classroom, Bockwinkel-Baker is a concentrated ball of energy. The teacher will whisper, squeal, yell, and everything in between, in order to better her students’ understanding of the Catholic church and of life in general. She even goes as far as giving an impression of a stereotypical party-goer to show that Jesus was a regular person who enjoyed the Wedding at Canaa just as much as everyone else did.

Bockwinkel-Baker’s love of teaching is evident when she teaches, or even just has a regular conversation with her students.

“I love doing what I love,” she said, “and getting paid to do what I love.”

She doesn’t stop at simply teaching. Many students look to Bockwinkel-Baker for advice on anything from family and friends to which song to download next. On some days she’ll have as many as four students waiting for her attention, looking to tell her about the most recent happenings in their lives. Bockwinkel-Baker is always happy to help in any way she can.

She is consistently working to make the world a better place and supporting others who have the same mission. In an interview with the Crusader Raid, she expressed her admiration for Vlog Brothers, John and Hank Green, and revealed that she is a “Nerdfighter,” what fans of the Vlog Brothers call themselves.

“I love their observations and the whole philosophy of being a ‘Nerdfighter,’” said Bockwinkel-Baker, adding, “because, as human beings, we are called to increase the awesome in the world and decrease the suck.  Or, the way I like to phrase it, increase in the grace and good in one another’s lives by loving the hell out of one another.”


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