Junior Float Building Looked to Make the Best Float, Again By Nick Farfan

Homecoming week is filled with many events. One of the most traditional events is the float building by each high school class. Every year at Helias Catholic High School, each class builds a float based on the Homecoming theme. The winner gets spirit points added to their total for the competition of Class of the Year. Last year, the Class of 2016 won the float building competition, and looked to repeat this feat again this year.

“Last year we built a really good float,” said junior John Kerr. “I think we surprised a lot of people.”

Helias Catholic’s 2014 Homecoming Theme was “Around the World in Seven Days.” Every class was given a country throughout homecoming week. The class of 2016’s country was Asia.

“The funny thing is, it’s really a continent,” said junior Nick Alexander. “But it gives us more ideas in terms of float building.”

Many students came throughout the week. This year, students had one less day to work on their float than last year.

“Now that we are older we kind of have the hang of things,” said junior Clinton Campbell. “So I don’t think the one less day will be that much of a factor.”

As the week progressed, many juniors worked harder to complete the float. Many had different ideas about its completion. The float was finished in plenty of time, and according to the Class of 2016, it was easily the best float.

“Everyone worked hard and everything turned out great,” said student council member Keifer Schmidt. “Everyone should be proud of the work they did, and we continue to build really good floats.”


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