Helias Homecoming Strikes Again By Chase Bexten

Helias homecoming was a success once again. The dance was held Saturday night Oct. 18. Last year’s dance was a huge failure. Many students talked about how awful the music was, and just how plain and boring it was. This year, however, seemed to be a huge turnaround.

“The music this year was much, much better,” said senior Blake Wilbers. “Everyone was having a great time boogying the night away.”

This year, the dance had a photo booth that was a huge success as well. All the students, especially the females, really enjoyed that.

“Getting together in a group and dressing up in silly props is always a fun time,” said senior Lizzie Burkett. “There was a non-stop line the whole night, and plus we got to keep the pictures we took, so that will be something I can always hang on to!”

The biggest part of the dance was when they had the homecoming court come down the center of the gym, doing their signature walk with their escorts.

“I love getting to see everyone put their own little twist on the walk,” said senior Todd Buschjost. “It’s one of the most entertaining things of the night for sure.”

Fr. Viviano sang his heart out Saturday night for the traditional top ten to slow dance to with their escort. He sang “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin.

“He has such a wonderful voice,” said junior Weston Porter. “He did a wonderful job for sure!”

“We do our best to make the homecoming week as fun as possible for the fellow students,” said student council member Maddie Dunkman. “I hope everyone had a great time, and enjoyed the entire week!”


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