Helias Homecoming Parade sparks a festive night By Abi Fast

The Helias Homecoming Parade has always been a staple of homecoming events. Starting at the bottom of the hill on Adams Street, behind St. Peters school, the parade snakes down the Jefferson City streets, looping back around to St. Peters. Popular with staff, students, alumni and many others, there’s always a huge turn-out.

The theme for this year’s parade is “Around the World in Seven Days” and each class was assigned a continent as a theme for their float. Seniors had Europe, juniors had Asia, sophomores had Africa and Freshmen had Australia.

There were many ideas including a rainbow kangaroo and a giant takeout box with moving parts. An anonymous source supplied one of the proposed float ideas of “Shirtless Putin shooting an eagle” but it was rejected. Eagles are a recurring theme in the float because the opposing team for the homecoming football game was the Sullivan Eagles.

The winner of this year’s contest for best float was the junior class with their idea of a Chinese takeout dinner, complete with moving parts and a caption that read “Takeout the Eagles”. The juniors’ float went the extra mile and the judges chose them for this reason. The judges are an unbiased council of various people, sometimes including Helias teachers.

Many clubs participated this year, including the full fall sports line up (football, volleyball, golf, tennis and soccer) and innumerable clubs. The crowd is always opinionated, a menagerie of voices yelling various opinions about the passing floats, some positive and some negative. Past Helias alumni were also a part of the crowd and many were excited to come back and cheer.

The parade started at 6:30 p.m. and ended at 7:30. The Helias Bonfire started right after the parade.

“The weather was beautiful and the floats were all good, Kurt Schenewerk, a member of the crowd, said, “and it was a really good night for a parade.”


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