What Helias Catholic Students do instead of going to the Homecoming Dance by Clay Hasty

Homecoming is a time that everyone at Helias Catholic wants to be a part of. Some people say everyone is excited for homecoming week, but, surprisingly, many students do not have any desire to attend then dance or participate at all.

“Homecoming is overrated,” said Aaron Hartman, “all they do is turn the gym into a prison and not let you out until the dance is over.”  Many students that still go to the homecoming dance don’t understand the rules. You have to be there at a certain time and you can’t leave until a certain time.  Several other students, who want to remain anonymous, said they are still going to the dance but they don’t understand why the rule exists.

When Coach Doug Light was asked what the purpose of this rule was he replied, “It’s more of a safety deal. It ensures the parents know their kids are at the dance and they just weren’t using it as an excuse, and then going somewhere else their parents don’t know about.”

Some students just don’t have any desire to attend the homecoming dance.

“I have no need to go to the dance,’’ said Aubrey Scott, “I have better things to do instead. This feeling seems to be a mutual feeling between the students who aren’t going to be at the dance.

Other students have work or other activities that are more important to them. The Super Farmer Challenge is on the same day. When asked if she was going to the dance Tara Kliethermes said, “No because I’m doing the Super Farmer Challenge because it’s more fun. Anyway I don’t enjoy the music at the dance.”

“It’s pointless and over glorified,’’ said Abi Fast, “I’m staying at home and watching Netflix.”

Shannan Schulte agreed with Fast and said, “Yeah, it’s way overrated for such a simple thing. I would rather do something that is more entertaining and more fun.”

“It’s a boring times at the dance and I don’t want to waste my time,” said Abbey Masek, “anyways, I don’t even have a date so I’m going to stay at home and watch TV.”


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