Students’ likes and dislikes of Helias Catholic’s 2014 Homecoming Week By Abby Masek

Homecoming has concluded recently at Helias Catholic High School.  The theme for the 2014 year was “Around the World in Seven Days.”  The week kicked off on Oct. 12 with the powderpuff football and volleyball games.

Monday began with an all school mass, and students were also encouraged to dress up nicely for the day.  Tuesday was “Tacky Tourist Day.”  Wednesday, students were able to wear costumes that represented a different country. Thursday was “Jersey Day,” which meant anyone playing a fall sport could wear their jersey to school or any student could wear a Helias t-shirt. Friday was the homecoming pep assembly, and students could wear their homecoming shirt, if they purchased it a week before, along with jeans and tennis shoes. Following the assembly, the Helias’ Crusader football team defeated the Sullivan Eagles that night.  Saturday wrapped up the eventful week with the homecoming dance from 8-11 p.m.

A survey was created to find out the students’ likes and dislikes, and further comments about homecoming week.  One-hundred students of all four grades were surveyed. The first question was what was their favorite day during homecoming week? Sunday received 15 votes, Monday received 5 votes, Tuesday received 20, Wednesday received 22, Thursday received 13, Friday received 14, and Saturday received 11. Some revealed why they made their choices.

“I chose Wednesday because it’s fun to wear costumes,” Wyatt Loethen said. “I also really enjoyed seeing other people’s creativity!”

“Wednesday, because I loved seeing the costumes,” said Addison Lucas.

“Sunday was my favorite; I love playing football!” Grace Yarnell said.

The Next question was, “What would you change about the week?”

“I would move “Jersey Day” to Friday for the assembly because I think it shows more spirit,” Coach Pickering, history teacher, said.

Additionally, student Chase Bexten commented, “There should be absolutely no homework!”

In previous years, students had made comments about not liking the theme. They said it was boring. One additional survey question was added to see if this year piqued the student’s criticism. 20 were surveyed, and 14 said they thought it was a good theme. Only six said they didn’t really like it.

“Overall, I thought student council did awesome choosing the idea,” Olivia Wolken said.  “I had so much fun this week, and I’m so excited for the dance!”


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