From Jerseys to Fireworks, Thursday of Homecoming Week ended with a Bang By Hannah Dolan

After three days had passed since the start of homecoming week, Thursday did not disappoint Helias students. Festivities were everywhere as Saders showed their pride by wearing Helias jerseys and attire.

It was clear that, to most students, the highlight of the day was the parade. There were several participants, including sports teams, Helias’ band, the Inter-parish band, club members and alumni.

The four grades took on the “Around the World” theme and supplied four floats. The Freshman class represented Australia with a Kangaroo kicking the Eagle for a field goal. The Sophmores represented Africa with their version of a Safari. The Juniors represented Asia with takeout and moving chop sticks. And the Seniors wrapped up the tour by showcasing famous destinations in Europe.

When the parade ended, Saders and Sader fans all made their way to Helias, where the annual bonfire would be held. The size of the bonfire was “one of the largest Helias has made” according to a bystander.

Before the bonfire, there were performances from the Helias band and Dance Explosion.

The night was topped off with a large firework show featuring plenty of blue and gold with accompanying booms and whistles courtesy of Mr. Ron Distler, alumnus of Helias Catholic.


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