Fireworks show brings electricity to Helias’ Homecoming Week By Lucas Kirchner

Fireworks exploded and lit the dark sky with an assortment of colors and flashing lights. Bangs and booms rang through the night. Students and members of the Helias community were cheered and conversed.  Music was playing as the kids played on the upper football field.

“It felt like the Fourth of July” said Clayton Winter. “Everyone had a pretty good time.”

The bonfire and the fireworks display started the homecoming events for many people in the Helias Community. The fireworks display was donated and handled by Ron Distler, an alumnus of Helias. The display was an event that brought the Helias community together.

“I feel like the fireworks display will get people excited for other events,” said Alex Faddoul, “Especially the homecoming football game.”

“We should do more things like this throughout the year,” said Ryan Graessle. “It would make the school year more exciting.”

Throughout the night one could see the faces in the crowds light up with excitement. The show was brief but during the show, people were cheering as the sky lit up with explosions of radiant light.

“We have been putting this show on for years,” said Ron Distler. “We do it for the kids and the Helias community. I hope it was a good show. From all the cheers and compliments, I think we did a good job.”


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