Fiery Start began Homecoming Weekend at Helias Catholic By Shannan Schulte

On Thursday Oct. 16, 2014, Helias Catholic heated up the night with the fifth annual homecoming bonfire. For the past five years Helias Catholic has hosted a bonfire after the parade to start off the festivities of homecoming weekend. After the bonfire, Helias hosted a fireworks show for all to see. The fireworks and bonfire are viewed from the baseball practice field, after the parade. The bonfire was built from about 400 boxes on a stand and was lit by the homecoming queen Maddie Lammers.

Before the bonfire was started, the Helias band played a song to start the night off, then the Dance Explosion did a performance. After the Dance Explosion performance, the athletic director Brad Dempsey got everyone pumped up and introduced all of the fall sports teams. The Head Football Coach Phil Pitt’s gave a speech. Finally, the bonfire was ignited.

“I really enjoyed watching all of the boxes go up in flames,” said junior Clay Hasty. “I enjoy seeing fire and it was cool to see how high the boxes were in the air and to see how high the flames went. It was nothing unusual to see flames for me, but it was cool to be able to stay warm and hang out with my friends.”

Chip Malmstrom and Molly Light helped get the bonfire organized. Malmstrom is the planner of this event. He also helps his lifetime sports and outdoor education classes build the stand that works as a platform for all the boxes to mound up on. Light collects the boxes and if there are not enough, she goes to places such as Lowes and Old Navy to get more boxes.

“We had to take some boxes off of the fire because the Jefferson City Fire Department said that it was too big to burn,” said Chip Malmstrom.

Many students come to the event to socialize and be with their friends, but some come to make sure they are a part of this homecoming event. Not only do Helias Catholic students, parents and alumni come to socialize and enjoy the fire, but even some students from other schools come.

“It is an opportunity for the Helias students to get together and show really good school spirit,” said Shirley Schulte. “They have fun and get pumped up for the great weekend they are about to have.”


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