Helias Catholic Kicks Off Homecoming Week with Powderpuff Football By Alex Peppard

Helias Catholic kicked off homecoming week Sunday with the powderpuff games. The Crusader boys played volleyball and the girls played football. Coached by the football players from their respective grades, the freshmen faced off against the sophomores, and the juniors took on the seniors.

The freshmen versus sophomores began the powderpuff football games.

The sophomores started out strong, Torey Mueller returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. The sophomores defense forced the freshmen to punt on their first offensive possession. The sophomores scored again on the next offensive series, when quarterback Ashley Rehagen threw a pass to Mueller for a touchdown. The sophomore defense stopped the freshmen offense again with an interception by Mueller and returned it for a touchdown. Trailing by 20, the freshmen team threw a pass to Katerina Careaga for a touchdown. The sophomore offense then answered with another touchdown pass from Rehagen to Riley Bond. Before the half concluded, Careaga ran the ball in for a touchdown. The first half ended with a score of 27-12 in the sophomores’ favor.

In the second half, the freshmen simply had no answer for the sophomores. The freshmen threw another interception to Mueller and it was returned for a touchdown. Then Rehagen ran the ball in for a touchdown. The freshmen did not score in the second half as they fell to the sophomores in a final score of 41-12. Mueller totaled four touchdowns, two on offense and two on defense, and added three interceptions.

The next game was the juniors vs seniors. The juniors have been without a win in the two previous years participating in the powderpuff games.

“This is it, this is the year we are gonna win.” said junior, Megan Brown.

The juniors struck first with a pass from quarterback Liz Adams to Lauren Morrow for a touchdown. The seniors quickly answered with a touchdown of their own from a pass to Shanna Luebbert, tying the game. In the low scoring first half tied at six, it was still anyones game.

“We got to do better on offense,” said junior coach, Loagan Distler. “Our offensive line isn’t blocking, we need a little more push up front. Defensively we need to give 100 percent, I think after the half with a little pep talk and get ready to play we are gonna comeback on top.”

When the second half started and the seniors found Morgan Rundle for a reception and she carried the ball all the way to the endzone. The juniors’ offense was stopped in the second half. Before the game ended, the seniors added another touchdown with a pass to Sydney Klithermes. The game ended with a score of 19-6, a victory for the seniors. The junior defense gave all they had, Maggie Kehoe ended the game with three interceptions, but it was not enough.

With the powderpuff games over, the students left muddy and looking for something to eat.


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