Helias High is excited for Homecoming By Nick Kincaid

With homecoming underway, many students and teachers are excited. However, the reason for the excitement differs from person to person. Homecoming, it seems, has a little something for everyone, whether it be dressing up, engaging in the assemblies, enjoying the dance, or participating in a sport, it seems there is something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the things that most students and faculty are excited for, are the days when they are able to dress up as something cool, amazing, or downright wacky. Many teachers and students enjoy seeing what other students or teachers will dress up as.

“Dress up days are so much fun,” senior Kate Robbins said, adding, “You can dress up as whoever you want and you don’t have to wear dress code.”

Many other students love the football game and other sporting events, such as powder puff. It is a way for students to cheer on their fellow classmates as they try to win the game.

Other students love the assemblies. Many members of Helias participate in those activities. It allows the students and teachers to show school spirit.

A few others enjoy other events, such as the bonfire. Events like this, allow students to come together and catch up with friends, or possibly make new ones.

Of course, many consider the biggest event of the week, to be the dance. The dance allows students to party and have a fun night with friends or a date.  It’s a night where memories are created.

“The dance is my favorite,” junior Carissa Bentlage said. “It’s a night where you get to have fun and see friends.”

While a few enjoy the dance the most, a lot more enjoy the after party, where students go over to a classmate’s house and hang out.

Helias’ Homecoming Week has a little bit of everything for everyone: costume days, the assembly, the parade, the dance, and much more. With homecoming here, many can’t wait to show off their homecoming school spirit.

“I like the school spirit,” sophomore Chris Wilbers said. “The whole week is so much fun.”


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