Young Life headed to Dallas for “Non-Stop” By Nick Farfan

Young Life is getting ready to go on their annual trip called “Non-Stop.” “Non-Stop” is a trip where high school students from all over the area, travel to a city in a charter bus and spend a weekend participating in many events. This year, Young Life is going to Dallas, Texas.

If a person isn’t familiar with what Young Life is, it is a non-denomination group that centers around strengthening kids’ faith with Jesus, while having fun in the process.

“Young Life is the most fun part of my week,” said junior John Kerr. “It’s what I look forward to most.”

Young Life Club is about enjoyment but also about strengthening one’s faith.

“We try to strengthen kids’ faith while having a blast in the process,” leader Keaton Adams stated. “It’s awesome to make a difference in so many kids’ lives.”

Young Life Club meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m.

“People don’t have to ‘join’ Young Life,” said Matt Ellis. “They can just come and hang out and have a good time whenever they want. The more the merrier.”

The main reason “Non-Stop” is called non-stop is because the bus serves as the hotel. And, club members are going to a variety of events and religious talks, non-stop for the whole weekend without them sleeping.

Last year, Young Life went to Indianapolis for “Non-Stop.” They left Friday night. They made a pit stop in St. Louis, going to the City Museum and attending a midnight premier of “Catching Fire.” They headed to Indianapolis after that where they went to the Indianapolis 500 track and got a tour, traveled around downtown Indianapolis, went shopping at a mall, and finally went to an Indiana Pacers game. There were three Young Life clubs mixed in.

“It was the time of my life,” said sophomore Grant Rockers. “My favorite part was the clubs. I have never been a part of a club with so many people.”

“It is a great way to take kids’ minds off school for a weekend,” added Hannah Silvey.

“It allows them to have a blast and strengthen their faith all in one weekend,” also Laura Schieber. “I totally recommend this trip for everyone in high school. You will never forget it and it is so much fun.”

“Non-Stop” this year is from December 4-7. Spots fill up fast. If Helias students are interested, they should come to the club meeting and find out more details.


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