The quarterback everyone knows but the artist no one knows: Alex Faddoul By Lucas Kirchner

A lot of people know Helias Quarterback Alex Faddoul for his athleticism, but few know him for his artistic talents.

“I don’t really keep it hidden, I just don’t talk about it,” Faddoul said. “It’s not even on my mind to keep it secret; it just doesn’t seem to come up every day.”

Faddoul has performed well on the football field playing as Helias’ Varsity Quarterback. He has accomplished many things on the field such as, 1,367 passing yards, 469 rushing yards, 10 touchdown passes, and 10 rushing touchdowns. But Faddoul has also created a lot of artwork such as, people drawings, animal drawings, landscapes, and paintings.

“You already know why people don’t know,” Faddoul said. “There is really no motivation for art even though I’m good at it.”

Most people don’t know about this art talent Faddoul has, because he has no drive to make art all the time. Faddoul spends more time doing other hobbies, especially football.

“Art is great once you get done and get to look at what you have done,” Faddoul said. “And I know I’m good at it, it’s just really time consuming.”

Most people will never see Faddoul as an artist, but that is fine because he cares more for his football career than his artistic talents. For right now, the easiest way to see Faddoul creating art is by having an art class with him.

“I think his artwork is very good,” Nick Kincaid said. “He’s a great artist, a great football player, and a great guy.”

Everyone who has met and have seen Faddoul’s talents will usually give you a comment like Kincaid gave. Faddoul has helped out people in the past with artwork to help them learn some techniques to help themselves later on.

“I found out about Alex’s talents in grade school,” said Ryan Graessle. “He helped me with an emblem and went completely over the top for me.”

“I will always have a love for art,” said Faddoul, “but my love for football is greater.”


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