Student Athletes by the Numbers By Alex Peppard

At Helias there is a big focus on academics and athletics. Student athletes can find it overwhelming with all the school work they have to complete and on top of that, all the time an extracurricular activity requires. One hundred students were surveyed over athletic involvement, and 30 percent said they did not play a sport, while 70 percent said they played at least one sport.

Some student athletes have stopped playing their sport due to their academic time needs.

“There’s much more time to devote to your studies,” said Zach Gaines, a former athlete at Helias. “I do think [however] that students should participate in a sport because it helps you make a lot of friends, enriches your experience at Helias Catholic. Helias students like to do stuff, they want to be involved in their school and in their community, and we have a lot of good athletes. Football, football, and football has the most focus at Helias. Football is a good program, and baseball is a good program too. I played football and tried out for baseball. I think I have more time to myself, which is a good and a bad thing.”

Other student athletes have not given up their sport due to academic challenges.

“It’s important to play sports because it will get you more comfortable with other students and you will make more friends,” three sport athlete Nick Carr said. “It’s a great way to get involved in school. It takes a lot of time and devotion, because you have to practice every day after school which causes a lot of late nights of schoolwork. Most people probably want to get involved in sports to make more friends and be active. The focus is on football, basketball, and then volleyball at Helias. Enjoyment of the sport is important to have, if you have that everything will come.”

Students that are a triple letter winner, which is achieved by playing on three varsity sports, are given an award at the end of the year. But out of one hundred students, only seven said they played three sports. Students that play one sport are the most common to find at Helias with 41 students. The survey showed that the rate of students declines with the increase sports played; one-sport student athletes were 41 percent, two-sport athletes were 22 percent, and three-sport were 7 percent.


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