Helias softball suffers tough loss to Jefferson City by Brooke Winge

Helias lost to Jefferson City, 8-4, last week Monday.

Darby Brundage brought in the grand slam in the third inning for Jefferson City High School.

Helias softball started off the game, leading with a score of 2-0. Helias’ defense was not allowing Jefferson City to score a point the first inning.

“We started off playing great,” said Abbey Masek, catcher on the team. “I was very impressed with our defense.”

During the top of the third inning, Helias had not put another run on the board.

“It all went downhill in the third inning,” said junior manager Riley Heckencamp.

With Jefferson City’s Darby Brundage bringing in the grand slam in the bottom of the third inning, it changed the score to 4-2, with J.C. leading. The next batter for J.C. got on base and then scored. At the top of the 4th inning the score was 5-2.

“Over all we had a decent game,” said Riley Heckencamp. “We played hard. Our defense was good. We could have hit better but we did alright!”

The result of the game was Helias lost to Jefferson City 8-4.


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