Pokemon Club begins at Helias Catholic by Collin Lavery

Helias has had its fair share of clubs, for instance the Young Republican’s Club, the Chess Club, the Ping Pong Club and even a Poerty Club. But now Helias has a Pokemon Club in its selection of clubs students can join.

How did the Pokemon club start? It started with a group of senior guys and their common love for a video game. They all were close friends through sports and academics, but one thing was for sure, they all loved Pokemon.

The club is lead by senior Trent Ludwig whose name is widely known throughout Helias for his academics and acting. But what many wouldn’t guess is this well-respected young man would have a love for what some would call as a “child’s game”. Others in the group are Dane Clutter (who is known for academics and for being a starting lineman for the football team), Hunter Strope (who is also known for his academics and for being a starting lineman for the football team), and Hale Hengtes ( who is known nationally as one of the best tight ends in high school football and is also known for his academics).

This group of young men decided that Helias needed a club for their special interest and with enough support from all classes at Helias, they have achieved their goal in starting a club. Most people don’t know but the game Pokemon is known for its difficulty and required patience to become good at the game.

“It’s like playing a very difficult type of chess game with many more variables,” Hentges said.

“It has taken me hours or sometimes days to train and evolve my Pokemon team to where I want them to be for a specific battle” Strope added.

Despite the hard work it may take to become good at this game, that is not the goal of the club. The goal of the club is for all levels of Pokemon fans or newcomers to enjoy the game and to meet new people with the same interest, though the club is in a tournament competition to see who is the best Pokemon player.

“Competition is always a good thing when you’re around friends,” said Hentges.

“It’s a fun way to meet new people while enjoying a game of strategy with friends,” said Ludwig.

Pokemon Club pic


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