The no phone usage policy during students’ lunch period By Blake Steinmetz

A new rule that students are fond of has recently been added to Helias Catholic this year. This rule is called “Bring your own Device.” This rule states that students are allowed to use their phones in between classes and are able to take notes on their phone or a tablet in class. This rule is popular among students, but here is one thing that the students aren’t very happy about: no phone usage during lunch.

“Lunch is a break from the regular school day,” said senior Nathan Mercurio. “It is the time during the day students get to talk with their friends, relax, and eat some food. Using phones would only add to the break from the monotony of the school day.”

Besides wanting to use the phone during lunch, some students have voiced that they don’t understand the reasoning behind the no phone use in lunch.

“I don’t understand the rule,” Student Councel President Dane Haugen said. “If we are able to use our phones in the hallways, we should surely be able to use our phones during our lunch period.”

Some teachers who wish to be unnamed also support the students’ side saying that they should be able to use their phones during their lunch period.

On the other side, certain staff members stand firm on the side of no phones during lunch.

“If all the students were to use their phones during the lunch periods, it would slow down the schools Wifi, in result, slowing down the whole system,” said Doug Light.

Many students still feel like this reasoning isn’t valid and that it wouldn’t slow down the school’s system. This is a part of the new rule that the students are hoping to get changed by next year. They hope the school administration will at least give students a chance to use their phones during lunch to see if it indeed does slow down the school’s Internet. If it does, then there may be valid reasoning for students not to be able to use phones during lunch.


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