Table for One or Two? By Abby Masek

Homecoming is approaching Helias Catholic High School very quickly. Many students are very anxious because they are wondering if someone is going to pop a homecoming proposal to them or not. But not everyone is excited for it. An anonymous survey was created to find out the students opinions on whether or not they would enjoy going to homecoming with a date, or just with friends. Fifty people were asked from freshmen up to senior.

21 students voted to go with a date. 19 students said they would rather go with no date and be in a friend group. 11 students said they wouldn’t care either way of the outcome, and 9 students said they don’t want to go at all.

Upon reviewing this information, Wyatt Loethen made some comments.

“I would like to go with a date, but just as friends,” Loethen said. “I don’t want anything romantic, but to just have fun.”

Students who weren’t going, were interviewed on their opinions as well.

“I decided to do the Super Farmer challenge instead,” Tara Klithermes said. “It’s way more fun than homecoming. When I did go, I went with friends but it still wasn’t that much fun even with them.”

Students were also asked if they thought homecoming was boring. Out of the 10 who were asked, only four said it was fun.

“It’s boring because there is nothing to do,” Sam Hayden said. “The music is pretty awful, and everyone just stands around, with or without a date. I don’t feel like wasting a night doing something boring, when I could do something different.”


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