Missouri Could Repeat the 1985 “I-70” World Series By Ryan Pollock

It’s no surprise that the two most loved Major League Baseball teams in mid-Missouri are the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals. As each team fights for their division, everyone is thinking about the possibility of an “I-70 World Series.”  First, let’s travel back to when the two teams faced off in the 1985 World Series.

In 1985 the Cardinals met the Royals for the first and only time in a World Series. Some say that the Royals won on a blown call in the last game of the 85 World Series. The series went to the full seven games and ended with the Royals on top winning 4-3.  The series started out in Kansas City for two games then to St. Louis for two, and then to finish it off every other in KC.

According to Baseball-Reference there were a total of 41 runs throughout the seven games. The Cardinals had 13 of those and the Royals had over half with 28. The Cardinals only scored two runs in the last three games and only had 15 hits.

This year the Cardinals finished with s record of 90 wins and 72 losses. The Royals finished with one less win, 89 wins and 71 losses.

Mrs. Laura Haslag is clearly the biggest fan of the Royals at Helias, and Coach Chris Wyrick is a big advocate for the Cardinals so of course when you get them together they’re like oil and water.

Wyrick and Haslag went at it during our 17 minute sit down, but each played it safe not admitting their team was any better than the others. When asked why he thought the Cardinals were better he responded with “I don’t necessarily this year,” claimed Wyrick. “But as a franchise they are because they’ve won 11 championships.”

The two never seemed to argue about why their team is better from a talent standpoint but argued more about their stadiums and fans.

“Cardinals always get lucky,” was Mrs. Haslag’s testament, “and Cardinals fans are so cocky.”


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