Helias’ 2014 Homecoming Queen announced at school assembly By Addison Lucas

The race for Helias’ 2014 homecoming queen has finally come to an end. On Thursday, Oct. 9, the announcement was made that the senior girl who came out on top was none other than Maddison Lammers.

The voting began on Sept. 17, with the whole senior class picking ten girls from their class to be in the top ten. The next day juniors and seniors picked from the top ten to determine the top five girls (Abby Farrow, Morgan Rundle, Allison Strope, Molly Sambothe, and, of course, Maddison Lammers). The voting ended Friday, Sept.19, when every student at Helias voted for just one of the top five.

The assembly started at 2:20 on Oct. 9, with Coach Brad Dempsey, the Activities Director at Helias Catholic, leading the whole school in a prayer. After the prayer he announced the names of each of the top ten and a list of each’s accomplishments as each girl made her way to her seat at the front. Mothers and fathers shed tears as each of the top ten stopped along the way to hug her parents and offer her mother a small bouquet.

After the top ten were all seated, Dempsey stepped away from the microphone to allow the top ten to be serenaded. First came Donald Hopkins singing a version “Hey There Delilah” with Ryan Pollock on guitar. Hopkins moved to the keyboard and Pollock stayed at his guitar as Jordan Cowell moved to the drums and Trent Ludwig took the microphone. Ludwig was definitely a crowd pleaser with his lively cover of “Pretty Woman.”

Then finally, in the moment everyone was waiting for, Helias’ 2013 homecoming queen, Baylee Francka took the microphone, telling everyone that Maddison Lammers was voted this year’s homecoming queen.


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