Crusaders get cold for a cure By Alli Wieberg

Most of the time, people do not encourage others to dump freezing cold water on their heads; however, it has become a more common sight lately. They are not doing it to cool off from the Missouri heat; but rather, they are raising money and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Commonly referred to as the Ice Bucket Challenge, participants are required to either donate money to ALS research or to have a bucket of ice water dumped over them. ALS is a disease that affects a person’s muscles and usually results in death due to respiratory problems.  There is currently no cure, so money is needed to help research ways to cure the disease.

This has inspired many to attempt the challenge. Locally, many Helias students and faculty members, such as Fr. Jones, have taken the challenge. Across the country, many schools, organizations, and even celebrities such as Martha Stewart and most of the One Direction band members have taken their turns challenging each other to get cold for a cure for ALS.

Within the Helias community, the ALS ice bucket challenge has been attempted by several individuals and sports teams. During the football game against Nixa, Fr. Jones attempted the challenge in front of a large crowd of students and crusader fans. The cheerleaders and girls basketball teams also took the challenge, but not in front of quite as large of an audience. Mrs. Peggy Rogers was among the faculty members at Helias to get cold for the cure as she attempted the challenge in honor of Mr. Aur’s brother who passed away from the disease.

Overall, 3 million people have donated to ALS through participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge and have raised over $100 million. With more people attempting the challenge every day, more money is pouring in for ALS research.


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