Homework Nazis Exist at Helias Catholic By Clay Hasty

The question many students ask is, Why so much homework? It is a very controversial subject worldwide. Recently, data was collected on Helias Catholic students’ opinions on homework amounts. Students were asked if they thought they had too much homework, if they thought the homework amount was what they expected, or if they thought they didn’t have enough homework.

The data collected showed that out of 145 students surveyed throughout Helias Catholic, 110 of them said they had too much homework, 33 students said they had the amount they expected, and 2 students said they did not have enough homework.

“Yes I have a lot of homework, but I get it done during other classes; so, I do not have to do it all when I get off of work late at night,’’ said Shannan Schulte. “Although most of the teachers give us some time to work on it towards the end of class, other teachers assign it at the end of the class.”

Some students do not get all their homework finished during school, and spend hours at night working on it.

“My daughter has hours of homework every night usually from the same class,’’ said parent Linn Gilmore. “It’s hard on her because she plays tennis and she doesn’t have enough time to do it all.”

Many students believe that Helias Catholic gives too much homework, but some students also do not use the time at the end of classes to get it finished. Some students spend the time at the end of class doing other activities, such as, sleeping or talking with friends.

“I do not give too much homework, I see it as forced ways to study,” said science teacher Andy Pitts. “Students should know how much to study, so I do not have to make them do their homework. It teaches students how to be mature, but all teachers have their own style of teaching.”

Though many students believe they have “Homework Nazis” as teachers, some see these teachers’ homework amounts as the expected amount.

“I think that we have the expected amount of homework,” said Aubrey Scott. “I never have too much homework to not get it done.”

Homework Chart



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