Pressure doesn’t affect these starting quarterbacks By Brooke Winge

Many fans believe pressure affects athletes before big games. For Helias quarterback, Alex Faddoul, pressure however, is not an issue.

“Before games I try to put all nervousness aside and focus on doing me, my game,” said Faddoul. “I love pressure, I feel like that’s the time to step up and bring out the best in me and the team.”

While Faddoul loves pressure, college quarterback Kenny Hill isn’t affected by it.

“I don’t ever really feel the pressure, I just go out and play the best I can,” Texas A&M quarterback, Kenny Hill said.

Preparation plays a role in how performance plays out for players in game situations.

“Before the games, I try to drink and eat healthy, try to get the whole team focused on the game. I watch the other team’s film again,” says Faddoul.

Watching game films is a popular preparatory activity for players leading up to game day. “I watch a lot of film and workout and practice,” said Hill, when talking about preparing for games.

Home games and away games show no difference in preparation for these two players. Faddoul’s and Hill’s away-game preparations are somewhat similar to their home-game.

“Home games, we watch a motivational movie to get our minds right,” Faddoul said. “Away games, we watch a movie together on the bus.”

Movies get high school quarterback Faddoul in the right state of mind before games, but not Hill.

“We stretch and run plays against each other before games,” Hill said. “Preparation is always the same no matter where we go.”

When playing on the opponent’s home field, more pressure seems to be put on the players. Pressure to Faddoul though, is nothing to worry about. “I love pressure,” said Faddoul.

College football is played at a different level than high school football according to Hill.

“Everything is a lot faster in college than it is in high school,” Hill explained. Also, the players are bigger and there is a ton more people at the games in college.”

As both Faddoul and Hill prepare for different types of situations on different levels, they both share the same passion for the game.


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