Bishop Gaydos Enlightens Helias Students and Faculty By Chase Bexten

On Tuesday, Sept. 16, Bishop Gaydos came to Helias Catholic High School to take part in one of the all-school masses. To many Helias students it may just be another mass, but to others it is a great honor to have him in their presence.

“It was very inspiring and enthusiastic. He gets his point across very well!” Senior, Lexi Stegeman said. “You don’t get that opportunity to hear him speak very often unless you attend his parish.”

“It is a very powerful thing, to hear him speak,” Girls basketball coach and Dean of Students Mr. Doug Light said. “He has the highest role in our diocese, so to hear him speak is a very special and inspiring thing to hear!”

The atmosphere of the mass was quite different. Before the mass, no students were talking, and many were on their best behavior, out of instinct and experience with the previous times the bishop has been at Helias; they knew they had to be polite and respectful or they may get a severe consequence from a teacher or administrator.

Another thing that captured people’s attention was the student choir. They had several parts in the mass singing the songs.

“They have a lot of talented students in the choir,” said Mayce Foster, another Helias senior. “They always know how to get the other students into singing along, and how to enlighten the atmosphere.”

The Bishop’s homily included thoughts on how people in the Helias community should love and serve others in the local community, even if it isn’t easy sometimes. Gaydos also spoke about how it is important to show others how we care about them, and to be a good steward. Also, he talked about how students should follow the vocation that God will put in front of them, and that they should be open to anything He throws their way.

One thing most students and faculty agreed on was that “Bishop Gaydos always does his best to try and fit his homily with the people he is giving it to, and whatever occasion he is preaching at,” said principal of Helias Catholic Sister Jean Dietrich. “Another thing he did [when it was appropriate] was he held an all-Hispanic mass where he performed the whole entire mass in Spanish. Which I thought was really commendable, and really shows how much effort he puts into the community.”


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