Young Republican Club Argues Against Death Penalty at First Meeting By Alex Peppard

The Young Republican Club met last Wednesday morning to discuss the topic of capital punishment. The meeting began with a prayer led by Brad Hake. Then Hake with the club members discussed their own thoughts on the death penalty. In the full classroom, the majority of the students opposed the death penalty.

“If you give the government the power to kill its citizens you’ve given them everything,” said senior Trent Ludwig.

“God should decide when our lives should be over,” replied Hake, adding, “life in prison is the better punishment, it gives them a better out.”

Weston Porter and Kylie Muholland also were opposed to capital punishment.

“It’s not our choice to let somebody die,” Porter said.

“I think labor is enough of a punishment,” said junior Kylie Muholland.

“You shouldn’t allow it,” Porter added. “I don’t think the government or any human should decide when to end another human life. There are pros and cons, however, the cons outweigh the pros. An argument for the death penalty is that our prisons are overflowing. But in the last year, there have been under thirty executions across the nation. The chances are they deserve death, but who are we to decide that they should die. So my answer is no, but there are other more severe options I would support. The difference between capital punishment and abortion is pretty simple, someone who receives capital punishment is most likely guilty, and an aborted child is innocent.”

“The criminal should be able to choose for themselves whether they want to die or not,” first year member, Allison Kerr added. “I don’t think that any person should be forced to be killed for their actions. I don’t think those who have done a bad enough crime to be put in jail for life should be worked. The difference between abortion and the death penalty is abortion is the killing of an innocent human life rather than someone who has purposefully took the life away from someone else.”

Brad Hake ended the meeting with an article about a prison in Arizona that painted the jail cells pink and made the prisoners wear pink clothing. The prison allowed two channels on the television, the Disney channel and the weather channel. The weather channel was so that the prisoners knew how hot it was when they were working in their chain gang. States such as Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, and Missouri allow the death penalty.

One conclusion that was made during the meeting was that the death penalty is there to deter citizens from committing serious crimes.


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