Helias Students Give Mostly Positive Opinions on School Uniforms by Wyatt Loethen

School uniforms are a common staple among American private schools. However, they often come with mixed responses from students; many students think that it is much easier to have a very limited uniform than deciding on a different outfit every day, but some students believe it is hard to show individuality and express oneself via fashion.

“I like how we all look the same”, said senior Kara Verslues “You don’t really have to worry about what other people are wearing, and it helps create less drama and less judgmentality because you won’t be like ‘Oh, she’s wearing really revealing clothing.’”

But many boys, such as senior Nathan Mercurio feel too limited for not being able to wear khaki shorts, “I don’t like only having one option for pants, and I don’t really see the point of it.”

On the other hand, some students find that the limited of the idea of a school uniform can prevent adolescents from expressing themselves with clothing in different ways which could be political, artistic (such as supporting a musician), or more comfortable.

“A lot of schools [that have a school uniform] will allow modifications [to the uniform]; it’s hard to do that [with Helias’ uniforms], to express yourself,” explained senior Abi Fast.

Also many students think that having a school uniform helps them act better and more mature if they are wearing it while in public.

“It helps create a school identity,” said senior Lexi Stegeman. “You have to think about your options when you’re wearing it in public, after you just got out of school, because it reflects the entire school since people will be able to know that you go to Helias.”


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