Differences in Helias students’ parking habits revealed By Abby Masek

At Helias, driving is an important thing. It’s a passage of freedom, but it also comes with responsibility. Teenagers are usually at first scared of driving, but after a while they grow into it and it becomes a part of their daily routines. But here’s the question, Is it safer to back up into a parking spot or pull into it? If a person were to look into a parking lot, they would see that people mostly pull into a spot, because that’s what they think is the easiest. But what about the few who do back up into one?

80 random students were surveyed at Helias Catholic about parking. They were asked a simple question: Do you back up into a parking spot or pull in? Out of the 80, only 20 said they would back in. 60 said they would just pull in.

Additionally, a few anonymous people were interviewed about why they pull in to their parking spot. One student said that it’s easy and quick.

Also interviewed were students who prefer to back in to their parking spots. The answer to why they prefer to back in is that is easier for them to leave at the end of the day, because they can just pull right out and leave.

Tara Klithermes is one of the few that likes to back in to her parking spot.

“I think it’s easy because as soon as school is over I can just get to my truck and go,” Klithermes said.

Recently, she received a note that was placed on her car. She found it one day after school. It said she was backing up wrong, and that that is dangerous, and that she needs to be more safe.

“I was outraged,” Klithermes said. “I think it’s safe, and as far as I know I’m doing it right.”

Some students say it’s easier to just to pull in, because it doesn’t take as much time and it’s a lot easier than having to back up.

Other students say they don’t back in because it requires a bit of skill.

“Well, sometimes the lines are messed up, your mirrors could be messed up, you can’t see the curb, and people around you aren’t always the best at parking,” Olivia Wolken said. “I’ve been driving for a year, and considering I’m not the best driver, I’d rather play it safe and pull into a spot.”


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