Dr. Mayhan starts at Helias Catholic By Zach Smith

Dr. Mayhan was born and raised in Jefferson City and went to high school down the road from Helias at Jefferson City High, where he was highly active in the drum line.

After he graduated high school in 2005, Mayhan began his studies at the University of Missouri, pursuing a music degree. He wanted to get away from his parents for college, but they left him instead to go to Michigan.

After his sophomore year, Mayhan determined that music was not his forte and he transferred majors, from music to biology, thinking of becoming a doctor.

After taking chemistry classes for his major, Mayhan found that he was more interested in chemistry and that it came very easily to him. He then transferred into the chemistry field after his second year. He graduated with a bachelor of science in chemistry in 2009.

While finishing his undergraduate degree, Mayhan met his wife Erin, who was pursuing her clinical doctorate in physical therapy. Mayhan had some extra time before going into the job field and decided to go back to school for his PhD. He graduated with his doctorate in 2014.

Mayhan took a part-time position at Helias Catholic this year, teaching three Chemistry I classes to the junior class. This position is his first job outside of college teaching.

He spends his extra time outside of work with his two-year-old son Levi. He enjoys biking around central Missouri and on the Katy trail. He said that he became interested in biking because of his father. He then got his wife into biking and is now in the process of teaching Levi to bike.

“Levi is at that age that he needs constant attention and stimulation,” Mayhan said. Mayhan uses his time at home to keep Levi entertained, saying that fatherhood is ” a full-time job.”

Dr. Mayhan would like to start a cycling or triathlon club at Helias. He used to race in cycling competitions and would like to pass on his experience.


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