Sarah Swafford Comes to Helias Catholic to Present on Emotional Virtues By Shannan Schulte

Sarah Swafford visited Helias Catholic on Monday, Sept. 15, 2014, to give a speech over emotional virtues for drama-free relationships.

Swafford began the presentation by giving some background about herself stating that she has a husband and three kids, two boys and a girl. Swafford and her husband dated in collage and after they got married they lived in a collage freshman dorm for three years with two kids.

“While living in the dorm for three years with two kids I got to see how the college students interacted, got along, breakups, and homesickness,” said Swafford. “It was nice!”
She then talked about how she got into her current occupation. At her collage all these girls were telling her that she needed to give a speech about relationships, so she gave in and finally gave a speech. She did not think that anyone would show up but there were over 300 women at her first speech. This experience was everything that she wanted to know before she went to college.

“I wish that I had a big sister so I had someone to talk to about boyfriends and all the challenges going into school,” said Swafford. “I want this for you, because I do not want you to go through what I went through.”

Next, Swafford started talking about the emotional virtues. She talked about how men and women are wired differently in the mind. Men look at women for what they wear and at their body from the clothes they are wearing. However, when a woman sees a man without a shirt on it is not that big of a deal. On the other hand, men are wired with what they see. If they see a lady in a bikini that could give them nonverbal messages. Swafford made a point that women use sex to get love and men use love to get sex.

After that, she had all the students in the gym hold up their right hand and make a promise not to use and not to be used.

“I will not use and I will not be used,” Swafford began. “The power of words and power of use is unbelievable, the decisions I make now will affect my marriage.”

“People are so focused on who they want to marry that they are not worried about being used,” Swafford said, after the pledge. “When you are in this situation just run to the Lord and lay everything at his feet and let him hold you and run with him.”

“I liked when Sarah said ‘I will not let you use me and I will not use you,’ Christina Bockwinkel-Baker, religion teacher, said. “I liked this because all too often people are willing to give their dignity to escape the feeling of loneliness. I also liked when she said how the girl’s mind races ahead when a guy just says hi. I also think there is a misconception that if we give permission or if we use ourselves it is okay but that is not God’s plan. I was astounded that there were about 680 people in Racker’s Field House and she was able to have a magic moment. The power of the truth seeped into everyone and everyone was astounded.”


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