Club International Ignites Year with a Fiesta By Ryan Pollock

Eating food of other cultures and spending time with good friends is what Helias’ Club International is all about.  Mrs. Connie Rodeman, Helias’ Spanish II and IV teacher, kicked off her club for the 26th year at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, Sept.17th, at El Jimador.

Though Wednesday night was cool and cloudy, students were seen wearing smiles and letting out laughter on the patio.  The waiters and waitresses were kept extremely busy keeping drinks fresh, chip bowls full, and tables happy. Thankfully for them, of the 135 students in the club, only 66 were present for the club’s first meeting.

Kendra Ruether, senior co-president of Club International, said the club isn’t just about the food.

“It’s to get together and have fun,” said Ruether. “But it’s also to help other people. The whole ‘international’ is just a theme.” However the food is what draws in the majority of the Club’s 135 members.

“We’re planning to go to probably Dragon Kitchen, Hibachi, and Arris’ Pizza,” Co-President Trevor Koelling added. “We might get an American restaurant in since America is a country.” Although America is a country, the club tries to be more creative than picking a restaurant that serves food from their own country.

After talking with Rodeman, she also added that the club’s purpose is to help the community. “We get together at foreign restaurants, but we also handle all of the recycling for our institution.” But she claims the club does more than just that, “We also do a Christmas project in which we help the community.”

The club meeting lasted for an hour and a half and ended at eight, after everyone was fed and satisfied.  Though the club started at 6:30 pm, there were plenty of students there well before it started, which shows the excitement of the club’s members.  The club meets every month and each meet costs ten dollars.


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