Helias Journalism Club eats Pumpkin Pie and discusses articles at Meeting By Nick Kincaid

Journalism Club met Tuesday night, Sept. 9, 2014. Students ate pumpkin pie brought by Hannah Dolan while editing and reading articles.

The meeting started off by talking about serious news currently in mainstream media and discussed if students would like to write about some of the topics, putting a local or Helias spin on them. The club also reviewed Ryan Pollock’s article about the Bring Your Own Device policy and Addison Lucas’s article about the facts of Westboro Baptist Church. Mr. Brandon Martin, journalism adviser, lauded the written and media work of those two students.

After that, the Journalism Club discussed bringing back the Crusader Raid broadcast news. In the future, Helias might see a return to video reporting. So far, the club is still deciding who will be anchors and who will be working in the camera crew.

Comics were one of the last things that was discussed at the meeting. Many humorous ideas for characters and theme were talked about. One of the comics is planned to depict a normal Helias teenager’s life.


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