Helias Girls Tennis Beats Fulton By Shannan Schulte

Helias Catholic battled Fulton and defeated them on September 2, 2014 at Washington Park. There were only five girls that were able to participate in the match for Fulton so the top five players from Helias, Ashley Dowden, Abby Dowden, Mary Conley, Lauren Highfill, and Megan Villanueva got to play. They left with a 9-0 victory moving Helias to 2-0 for the season.

Ashley Dowden is the top player for Helias, she won both of her matches against her opponent, and she had a 12-0 record for the night, never losing a match. Ashely went to state last year in the tennis season.

“I really like playing tennis with my sister, we both enjoy tennis very much,” Ashley Dowden said. Tennis makes us communicate more but it is also more complicated, we have a closer relationship now that we play the same sport. Being number one on the team is a lot of pressure, but I like to play under pressure, after being number one on the team for three years it is not that big of a deal to me anymore. The first year of being number one was a really big deal, but now I am used to it.”

Abby Dowden is the second player for Helias in the top ten. She is Ashley’s sister, who also had a 12-0 match leading her into the victory of winning both matches against her opponent.

Mary Conley had 11 wins and one loss led her to victory of the match against her opponent.

“I am excited for the tournaments and getting to spend time with the team, while watching everyone on the team improve,” said Mary Conley. “It feels great to be in the top five, I’ve been on varsity since freshman year so it is fun to travel and get a lot of tennis in with singles and doubles. This year, I really want to make it to state in the team, maybe individuals but we will see.”

Lauren Highfill had a 12-0 victory leaving her undefeated for the game.

Megan Villanueva had 11 wins and one loss leaving her to winning her match against her opponent.

“This year I want to have a long season, with success through the season. We are having tough competition, but we have to take it one match at a time and see how it goes,” said Coach Shimkus. “It is hard to keep the girls and myself busy and focused because we are looking forward to see what the end of the season will bring. This is the largest amount of girls, this year we have thirty, so the main goal is to keep them busy, let them have fun, and only take it one match at a time.”


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