Player of the Week: Ashley Dudenhoeffer by Wyatt Loethen

Junior volleyball player Ashley Dudenhoeffer recently received the “Player of the Week” award from Maxpreps/American Volleyball Coaches Association for the week of Aug. 25-31. She was chosen out of all of the volleyball players in the state for having the best stats. So far, she is only the second Helias athlete to have received this award.

“It’s a big honor,” said Dudenhoeffer. “I really didn’t expect to get it, and I couldn’t have gotten it without my team. This award is really a reflection on the team. There’s no way I could of got it if we didn’t work as a team.”

Dudenhoeffer sports a stat record of 102 assists, 26 digs and 9 aces after nine games this season. She practices volleyball two and a half hours a weekday, which ends up being 13% of her weekly time.

Dudenhoeffer has been playing volleyball since she was in the second grade. Since she was little, she remembers always looking up to Julia Whitfield (Helias alumna) for inspiration, “Like she did no wrong, I watched her play a lot when I was little and I was like wow, she is so good. I have always strived to be like her.”

Dudenhoeffer also put a very strong emphasis on teamwork, “I have learned that it is so much easier to do anything if you work hard and work with others, not just yourself.” She also said that playing a team sport helps a person learn how to work with other people and look from their perspective.

Dudenhoeffer said that she’s a really competitive person and loves winning but remains humble, “losing isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you learn from it.”


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