Helias Foundation Donates Marquee Sign By Abi Fast and Abby Masek

Helias’ new sign in front of the school is a work in progress. It is a donation to the school from the Helias foundation. Father Stephen Jones has said that there will also be a three by four foot LED sign used to display announcements. The Helias Foundation is receiving one-fourth of the advertisement space on the screen for their donation. The sign is intended to enhance the school’s ability to communicate with families and the community.
Father Jones and Sister Jean were interviewed about the sign.

“I’m excited that the foundation was willing to give this to us. I definitely think it’s a good thing,” Father Jones commented. “Any way we can enhance our ability to communicate with the community is a good thing.”
“It’ll be another way to make the public aware of what’s going on and get the word out on what’s going on,” Sister Jean told us. “I like the idea because it’s a way of keeping things current. With all the students caught up in social media, we can also use this to get the word out.”

When asked if he had anything else to say on the matter, Father Jones added, “I’m thankful the school and the Foundation are working so closely together. It’s really a great thing that they’re building that relationship with each other and the community.”


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