Helias Cheerleaders Speak Out By Collin Lavery and Chase Bexten

At the football game, Saturday, August 23, 2014 there was a solid amount of cheering going on from the parent section, but apparently not from the student section. Lizzie Burkett and Gretchen Rauch both agreed that the student section was like “cheering to a brick wall”.

 Despite the student section’s brick wall spirits the cheerleaders seemed to keep cheering throughout the game.  “Explode, Ignite” and “Defense, get Tough” were only two of the multiple cheers the cheerleaders did that night.

Even though the cheerleaders were cheering to an apparent “brick wall” they continued to cheer their team on to victory. The cheerleaders believe the extreme heat may have had an effect on the student section and their “rowdiness”. Even though the cheerleaders were doing vigorous exercise and the students were just standing or sitting, a majority on their cell phones. 

 There were many parts of the game where the cheerleaders tried to energize the student section. “After that goal line stand by the Helias defense, the student section and the rest of the crowd fired up!” Lizzie stated. “The student section really needs to step up their game and be supportive of their fellow Saders,” Rauch stated.

“Another instance when the crowd was going nuts, was when Hale Hentges caught that 70 plus yard touchdown to cap off that 2nd quarter drive! Even the student section rose to their feet whooping and hollering for the crusaders,” stated Rauch.

 “Now that the student section has been called out by their cheerleaders hopefully they can get a big group of people together and have someone get them all “rowdied” up! I know it would make the games way more fun if we can get the student section pumped up,” Burkett said.

The students have a chance to redeem themselves this Saturday, August 30th at Adkins Stadium against division rival Hannibal High School.


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